Parts Missing is a campaign in which our main heroes must seek out the origin of strange objects found in Nex.

Ok guys I’m posting some rules and regulations for more effective gameplay. Recently I’ve been noticing some issues that I haven’t had time to correct or even explain initially. The following rules and regulations are for everyone myself.

1. The DM is the final authority on anything within their setting.

2. If you have a discrepancy with any ruling made by the DM story trumps rules. Conversations or comments will be held until the session is over.

3. Any issue noted as particularly “unfair” will be reprimanded following the session in question. Either by merits or demerits based upon the severity and player’s ability to resolve the situation diplomatically.

4. Players will be held accountable for their own characters. This includes spells, skills, stats, experience, weapons, and any other alterations of character sheet as so. Failure to comply with this rule will mean your character does not alter based on the item at hand. This also means any player caught “fudging” their character sheet or doing something not possible by character standards will be demerited harshly. Failure to comply after verbally being warned will result in exclusion from current session.

5. Cross talking should be kept at a minimum while actively in game. If you feel the need to chat about something please leave the play area and continue your conversation elsewhere. Note that this means you will not be included in any role play nor will you be in initiative for combat excluding you from any benefits of battle. Any persons not actively participating in the current session and attempting to converse will either be asked to respectfully cease talking or the game will be held until that person has finished talking.

6. If for any reason you cannot attend a session please contact your DM and make them aware. This could result in a session being held until the next week or being rescheduled at a later date. Players should not feel guilty for this as the story may require it. The policy on game cancellation is as follows, if for any reason the attendees of the session fall to be 50% below current party number the session will be cancelled until an appropriate date.

7. There will be no player conflict outside game. All persons with issues outside game are asked to leave the personal baggage at the door. All persons with player conflict can ask to have a meditation period with the opposing player(s) in which the session will be held until the issue is resolved. Both players will be demerited for interruption of game after the session awards and any further disruption will result in players being asked to leave the session.

8. Realize this particular setting will be unforgiving and harsh. No one thing is particularly a negative. Just like our own world sometimes things happen for a reason. If you feel cheated or discouraged remember things will balance.

9. ANY defiance of the DM will carry harsh negatives. Players who continue to do so will be excluded from gameplay until rehabilitated from the habit. If no compromise can be made after a rehabilitation period that player is banned from future sessions and games.

10. Most importantly with all these rules is the DM is the final arbiter of judgement on any issue and whatever ruling made will be respected no matter how absurd. To put it simply, if you’re not the writer don’t grab the pen. There is only one creator for the adventures you are privileged to play and all they ask is respect their hard work. That being said any issues can refer back to rule number one.

11. HAVE FUN after all this is an escape.

12. Feel free to talk to the DM about anything. They are here to push your characters goals and sometimes they’re inspired by the player’s ideas as well.

13. Finally and most importantly a personal note to all of this. My games are not hack and slash, they are not exclusively role play, my games are stories driven by motivated individuals who make their own path. Balanced in the actions made by the player’s own contributions. So let’s keep that in mind as we play.

Parts Missing

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